Blue Import BIM Oy offers importing and wholesales services on consumer goods to a variety of retail and wholesale companies. Our long experience and solid expertise in importing business, combined with the high quality of service and wide product range, make us a flexible and trustworthy partner also in challenging projects.

We customize our services to meet the needs of each customer and develop our products and services to match the requirements of the evolving market situation. Through us you will work with not only our 37 committed professionals, but also with our wide, global network of partners and specialists. We grow and develop our methods systematically and our financial base is stable, with our credit grade standing at the highest AAA class. Our annual turnover is approximately 34 M€ .

Blue Import BIM Oy strives for a responsible and sustainable way of doing business. We control the quality and safety of the items we import in several phases during the purchase process and handle the after sales and customer service with professional and consumer friendly approach. We emphasize responsibility aspects when choosing our partners and suppliers and actively develop our supplier auditing system.

Recycling and waste management of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and tyres is arranged through the respective producer organisations. Optimized packaging and coordinated transport arrangements help us reduce the environmental load. As employer, we want to enhance the health and work ability as well as professional skills of our employees and maintain an open and fair company culture. We develop our practices on all aspects of responsibility constantly and determinately, using ISO 26000 as a as a reference document that provides guidance on social responsibility.

Blue Import BIM Oy participates in amfori BSCI.